CDs/Flipbook/Rolling Papers ULTIMATE BUNDLE

from FEMME

The ultimate FEMME bundle.

3x CD singles (High, Fever Boy/Heartbeat, Educated/Double Trouble)
1x FEMME Flipbook - signed by FEMME
1x pack of High Rolling Papers

All you'll ever need as an introduction to FEMME wurld.

Sold Out


FEMME London, UK

FEMME combines playful, avant-pop with big, beat-driven music. Inspired by sixties girl groups and the fierce female attitudes of figures like MIA and Debbie Harry. With her talents encompassing art, music, film, dance and fashion, FEMME has seen artists like Four Tet and David Lynch manipulate her vocals in sublime fashion in her other guise as frontwoman with Nigel Godrich’s Ultraista. ... more


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